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Weather in any place can not totally be predicted and meteorology is not an exact science. However, you can get an idea of what to expect. The most common concern amongst travelers when planning a trip to Cancun is what the weather will be like. Let us give you some useful information that should help you plan your vacation a little bit better.

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Cancun weather is always changing

Like any other tropical location, the climate is unstable, meaning it can change from one moment to the next. So don’t expect predictable weather. Most days will hold the same weather, but most of them may have moments of sun, clouds, and even some rain.

Photo courtesy of: Wendy Candas

Cancun climate is unpredictable

The most common question that many travelers have is ” What will the weather be like during my vacation? “ In reality that is impossible to know and even more so when the question is asked well in advance. It’s best to watch the weather a few days before your vacation .

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Is there a rainy season?

Arguably, the rainy season is mainly during Autumn; However, this does not exclude rain in other seasons . What is certain is that the hurricane season is from May to November but only implies a possibility that one will actually hit during that time. There may be years that pass without a hurricane actually hitting Cancun.

For these reasons we suggest packing a pair of jeans and a sweater if it’s cooler at night . Of course don’t forget your swimsuit because you will most likely be enjoying warm and sunny weather. Don’t have your reservation yet ? Check out our offers!

Written by Lizzy Santoyo. Translated by Jessica Garcia