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Several species of sea turtles found in the Mexican caribbean are endangered and desperately need the help of humans for survival.  Sunset Royal Beach Resort is proud to be a part of the effort to save these important species who call the beaches and oceans of Cancun their home.

Turtle release at Sunset Royal Beach Resort

Quintana Roo, Mexico is a state famous for its lavish landscapes and prominent wildlife including beaches, underwater caves, jungles, flamingos, and turtles, just to name a few.

Three species of sea turtles found and protected here include hawksbill, green, and loggerhead.  Starting in 2009, Sunset World Resorts joined the ecological protection program with the aid of Petra Montoya, biologist and Municipal Ecology Coordinator, and began protecting thousands of turtle eggs that are laid on their beaches every nesting season.

Sea turtle conservation Cancun

Each year the turtle nesting season begins in April and stretches until September.  The female turtles exit the water and climb the beach where they dig large pits in the sand.  They then deposit their eggs into the pit, cover them with sand, and return to the sea. This egg drop off ritual takes approximately two hours.

Save the Sea Turtles Cancun

Turtle Egg Nest Cancun

Volunteers from the ecology department constantly monitor the nests on the beaches of Cancun, including at Sunset Royal.  Their goal is to prevent predators like iguanas, seagulls, and humans from reaching the eggs.

When volunteers find egg nests they section them off with a fence made of wire mesh.  This helps protect the eggs and prevents the baby turtles from escaping before they can be safely released at nighttime.

Protected turtle nest Protected Sea Turtle Nest Cancun

Sunset Royal Beach Resort’s entertainment staff, as part of our commitment to environmental care and protection, help gather the hatchlings and keep them safe and out of the sun until nightfall.

In the evening from 8 to 10PM our staff, along with the help of guests and members, release the baby turtles at the mouth of the ocean, enabling them to safely make their way home.

Baby sea turtles Cancun Baby sea turtles Cancun beach

To date during the 2013 nesting season, Sunset Royal Beach Resort has safely released 2,432 baby sea turtles.

Baby turtles going to sea

Baby turtles traveling to the ocean


We encourage our hotel guests and members to ask our staff any questions they have about our part in the conservation of sea turtles.  We hope that our small part will help reach the ultimate goal of  eventually removing these species from the endangered list.

Baby sea turtle Sunset Royal Beach Resort

Do you want to help save the sea turtles right now? All you have to do is post on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or Vine account using the hashtag #Tortugaton.  When the hashtag is used, Xcaret and Xel-Ha parks in the Riviera Maya will donate 1MXN to the Sea Turtle Conservation Program.  The hashtag donating will end September 30.

Interested in participating in a turtle release? Book your vacation today!