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Summer has finally arrived here in Cancun! Young people, adults, families and couples alike all know that the best way to enjoy their well-deserved summer vacation is by visiting Cancun’s beautiful beaches. Every time you visit the beaches of Cancun, we suggest that you bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, light clothes and a bathing suit because:

1. Sarong or Wrap

A very practical clothing item for women. You can use it like a towel, drape it, wear it over your bathing suit, or even wear it as a skirt or light blouse. They are ideal for the beach or even for visiting the plazas in Cancun.

2. Bathing Suit

Perfect when you want to get some sun. For women, bikinis, one-piece or two-piece, accompanied by a lovely sarong. And for men, swim shorts.

summer beach tips cancun sarong wrap bathing suit

3. Sandals

Due to the high temperatures, sandals are very comfortable and ideal for the beach.

4. Sunglasses

This is something that you probably wear all year round, but in the hot season it is more important than ever to use sunglasses, especially if you go to the beach. They help protect your eyes from the strong rays of the sun. But, be aware that not all sunglasses protect you and that you should verify the quality of the filter when you buy them. Look for the sunglasses that have UV protection.

summer beach tips cancun sandals sunscreen

5. Sunscreen

There are various types of sunscreen. Waterproof sunscreen is great for swimming or playing sports. If you plan to swim in the ocean, we recommend that you use biodegradable sunscreen to protect the marine life. Note that there is no sunscreen that offers 100% solar protection.

6. Hat or Cap

Due to the strong rays of the sun, it is important to wear a hat or cap, not just for going to the beach, but also when you are exposed to the sun in general.

summer beach tips cancun sunscreen hat

7. Stay Hydrated

It is very important to stay well-hydrated. If you go to the beach, take a bottle of water with you. That way, you will avoid fatigue and you will stay healthy.

8. Light Clothes

Use light clothes, so that you stay cool. We recommend that you choose light colors such as: white, blue, green, yellow and orange.

summer beach tips cancun hydrate light clothes

9. Tours

There are different types of tours: family tours, water tours, extreme adventures, etc. It is a good idea to reserve ahead of time, preferably through your hotel. You can go to the concierge or your sales representative for assistance.

10. Cleaning

Please do not leave trash at the beach. Remember to pick up cigarette butts, avoid bringing glass bottles and place trash in the correct bins. In case you cannot find the trashcans, put your trash in a bag and take it with you.

summer beach tips cancun flyboard beach cleanup

Written by Guillermo Ferrer, translated by Katie Donat