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For transportation in Cancun there are several options, we’ll tell you the most common and convenient for you to choose to be most comfortable for you during your vacation.



If you choose the pubic bus, the two routes you will find helpful are Route 1 and 2, which pass through the entire hotel zone, you may want to pay in pesos, all drivers must give you a ticket. The fee is the same, regardless of the distance you go. The bus stops at designated areas and it is necessary to know when your stop is approaching and notify the driver. To indicate that your stop is approaching, just press the red button located by the exit doors of the bus. The current rate to take the bus in the Hotel Zone is 10.50 pesos and the bus fare for the rest of the city is 8 pesos. *



There are several options; the cheapest is to take a taxi in the street rather than in the hotel zone. The price is a little higher in the hotel zone than in the city. To distinguish these tourist taxis, they have the logo “Gran Turismo” on the sides and a thin line of red and green. City taxis are sometimes found in hotel zone and its rate is cheaper than “Gran Turismo”.

If you prefer something more secure and private, the hotel concierge can call a taxi. The rate may be more but it will be more comfortable.



There are many car rental companies in Cancun, you can find several at the airport, even in the same area of baggage, but the best advice is to do it in advance, this will save you money. Even some travel agencies may offer transportation or shuttle service for your arrival. Asking your travel agency or searching online is a good way to find affordable transportation for your vacation.


We hope these three suggestions are useful for your next trip to Cancun. Still haven’t made your reservation? Look at our great deals!