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Today, to be disconnected, or to go without technology, you would have to go on vacation in a remote location without electricity. For many this would be a convenient break from always being connected, but for those who can use technology to their advantage, and don’t need to disconnect completely on vacation, we have some recommended applications that can be very helpful. We’ll give you some suggestions for your next trip to Cancun and Sunset Royal.


This extremely useful application provides plenty of information on Cancun, as well as restaurants, entertainment, and recommendations, and also gives you the option to post anything in your direct interest in your networks . Check the weather, the current exchange rate. This is an application that you must have to get the most out of your vacation.


Do you want to read reviews about a specific place? Unsure of whether to go to one restaurant or another? Find honest recommendations from other travelers. Known for it’s prestige and reliability, Tripadvisor is a great help when looking for tourist information.

México Turismo

The Tourism Board of Mexico launched this application, which has very useful information on various tourist locations in Mexico, activities, entertainment, museums, parks, culture, and even weather information of various destinations.

We are sure that these suggestions will be helpful on your vacation. Haven’t  booked your trip yet ? Check out our great deals and travel now!