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Cancun is extremely popular for its mesmerizing turquoise sea that simply captivates us but no one could ever guess that under the waters of the Caribbean Sea a magnificent work of art of more than 500 sculptures.  Ranging from a Volkswagen to a woman placidly reading a book.

One of the greatest wonders underwater

Photo courtesy of: goprimetravel.com

The Cancun Underwater Museum is one of the greatest underwater works of art in the world covering an area of 420m2 and weighing 200 tons. Best of all is that its co-founder and designer, Jason DeCaires Taylor, created these figures with marine concrete eventually allowing them to turn into reefs and positively impact the environment.

How can I see it?

Photo courtesy of: lasbuenasnoticias-mx

These sculptures are scattered between Cancun and Isla Mujeres and to reach them you can take a snorkeling or diving tour.  It doesn’t require an expert to see these sculptures, you just need to be willing to see what’s beyond each face.  Depending on where you are, sometimes these sculptures are 8 meters from the surface, which isn’t too deep and they can be appreciated from the boat.

What are you waiting for?

Photo courtesy of:Jason DeCaires Taylor

Cancun and Isla Mujeres hold pleasant surprises underwater and are well worth a day trip to visit this artwork under the sea. We have several lodging options for you, including: Sunset Royal Beach Resort, Ocean Spa Hotel, Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club and Laguna Suites.