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If you are one of those people who love to see new places, explore, and go on an adventure that awaits you outside your second home, Sunset Royal, then we suggest you treat yourself with a gift of nature. A few kilometers south of Tulum, is a little known place called: Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a protected area by UNESCO World Heritage. In this beautiful reserve you can enjoy various activities.

Bird watching

It has bays with white sand and mangroves of various types making it home to 336 species of birds. If you enjoy birds and nature this will be a great show for you.


Sian Ka’an also offers activities such as fishing, horseback riding including a guide with knowledge of the culture and biodiversity of the site. You can catch different types of fish such as Bonefish, tarpon, permit, jack, and barracuda.

Mayan ruins

Photo: On the road in

Sian Ka’an Biosphere has 23 archaeological sites, the most famous are the Mayan sites Chunyaxche and Muyil. If you want to visit and admire this area with its flora and fauna and swim between channels where you can swim with the current, then stop at Muyil.

Enjoy Lobster

If you want something delicious for the palate, you can go to Punta Allen. Lobster fishing is one of the main activities there and there are even tours where you can catch your own lobster and try it fresh.

Written by Lizzy Santoyo.  Translated by Jessica Garcia.