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School is out for summer and vacation time is upon us! You’re lucky enough to be heading to Cancun, and you don’t want to forget any important items for your upcoming trip to paradise. Some people overpack, some don’t pack enough. Don’t worry because we’ve got the complete list of items you need to pack for your Cancun vacation.

1. Sunscreen

The Cancun sun is extremely strong, especially in the summer. It’s important to take the correct precautions to protect your skin against it. We recommend bringing at least a 30SPF sunscreen and applying it before entering the sun, every few hours, and again after swimming. A bad sunburn can ruin a whole vacation and we don’t want that!


sun protection cancun beach

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2. Socks & Sneakers

You tend to think you’ll just need bathing suits, dresses, and flip flops while visiting Cancun, however one thing we suggest bringing is socks and sneakers. Many tours like Chichen Itza, Tulum, Xplor Park, and several other places require walking and have rough terrains. If you plan on going on an adventure in Cancun, make sure to pack those sneakers!


adventure tours cancun

Image: theactivetimes.com

3. Ibuprofen

A week in Cancun can be a lot of fun and that fun sometimes includes alcohol! Let’s face it, tequila shots can cause a nasty hangover and we want to prevent them. We suggest bringing a small bottle of ibuprofen or tylenol in your suitcase to have on the mornings your head might be hurting. We want you to be able to enjoy as many margaritas, tequila shots, and nights out in Cancun as possible, therefore bringing ibuprofen is a must!


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4. Mexican Pesos

In Cancun, dollars are accepted in some restaurants, shopping malls, and as tips. However, if you wish to travel downtown to shop, go on a tour, or dine at restaurants where dollars are not accepted you’ll have to pay in Mexican pesos. You can exchange dollars in your home airport, in the Cancun airport, or in official exchanges houses here in Cancun. You will also find your dollars are worth more in Mexican pesos and may last you larger.


Mexican money Cancun

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5. A pen

This is one that many people do not commonly think of while packing for a Mexican Caribbean vacation. Taking a pen on your trip is important because when entering Mexico from another country you are required to fill out an immigration form and a customs form. The airlines provide these forms to you on your flight, but they do not give out pens. To save time in the airport when you arrive, we recommend bringing a pen to fill out these forms ahead of time.


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6. A good appetite

Remember you’re going on vacation in Cancun! Our hotel is home to some of the best restaurants around, and not only that, there are all types of culinary treats in this city. You can find authentic Mexican food, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and more. You may even find the best tacos could be from a street cart in downtown. Whatever type of food you like, we suggest you keep an open mind and a good appetite for your Cancun vacation. We’re sure you’ll be trying some unforgettable dishes.


Authentic mexican food

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Packing for a Cancun trip can be overwhelming, but as long as you have your important travel documents, clothes, and these 6 items listed above, you’re guaranteed to have a fun vacation. We hope you’re all packed and ready to go, and if not, you can book your Cancun dream vacation right now with us!