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Are you visiting Cancun during the holidays and wondering what to expect? Most Mexicans are Catholic, so Christmas is a big holiday in the city. Come December 1st, the hotels, plazas and palm trees of the hotel zone are illuminated by countless holiday lights. Local people attend Posadas, or Christmas parties, which are customarily held between December 16-24. And just like in other parts of the world, the holiday season in Cancun is characterized by traditional food and drinks prepared for these festive gatherings. Here’s a list of 5 food and drink items commonly served during the holidays in Cancun:


1. Romeritos

Romeritos traditional Mexican holiday food

Romeritos, or little Rosemary in Spanish, are Mexican greens that look like Rosemary and taste similar to spinach. They are naturally salty. These fresh sprigs are usually cooked and served at Christmas time with dried shrimp cakes and potatoes in a mole sauce.


2. Ponche

Ponche traditional Mexican holiday drink

Ponche is a hot and aromatic Mexican fruit punch traditionally served during Posadas. Its ingredients are sweet and tangy and often include: tamarind, sugar cane, guava and tejocote (similar to a crab apple). This festive drink is sure to put you in the holiday spirit!


3. Sidra

Sidra traditional Mexican holiday drink

Sidra is a sweet and fruity sparkling cider with an alcohol content similar to that of beer. It comes in a champagne-like bottle and is usually served at family gatherings on Christmas Eve. Sometimes it’s also served as a champagne-substitute for New Year’s Eve toasts.


 4. Lomo

Lomo traditional Mexican holiday food Christmas dinner

Lomo, or pork tenerloin, is commonly served as a main dish for Christmas dinner. The pork is roasted and served with a sweet glaze or stuffed like a traditional turkey. Dried fruit and nuts, garlic and onion are some of the ingredients used to make the stuffing.


5. Bacalao

Bacalao traditional Mexican holiday food Christmas

Bacalao, or dried salted cod, is sold in stores throughout Mexico during Christmas time. It’s soaked in water before being cooked in order to remove some of the salt. After it has been de-salted, the fish is prepared in a stew with tomatos, onions, potatoes, green olives, chiles and garlic.

Which of these Mexican holiday foods have you tried before? Some of these items may be familiar to you and others may not be. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll want to give them a try while vacationing in paradise! Look for these items at the hotel, a restaurant in the hotel zone or a local restaurant in town.

Book your holiday trip to Cancun and taste the traditions of Mexico today!