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Puerto Morelos is a quaint fishing town just 11 miles from the Cancun Airport. There’s plenty to see and do there. Check out 5 reasons to visit:


Puerto Morelos historic lighthouse

 1. The Lighthouse

The historic lighthouse in Puerto Morelos is a must see when visiting. It’s described as a silent witness to the destructive force of storms. That’s because it’s survived various hurricanes including Beulah in 1967, which tilted its structure. It’s also survived Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 and Wilma in 2005 yet remains standing today. Adding character to Puerto Morelos, the lighthouse makes for a perfect picture opportunity!


Snorkeling with a guide Puerto Morelos Activities Riviera Maya Cancun

 2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos is a must do activity. The reef is declared a National Marine Park, which is known for being less visited and even healthier than the reef off of Cancun! Professionals say the best time to go snorkeling is midday on sunny days when visibility is greatest. Early morning is also good when the fish are coming alive and there are few boats and people around.

Note: snorkeling must be done with a certified guide. You have several options:

– Book through your hotel or a tour company. Tours include transportation and lunch. Life jackets are mandatory and cost is up to $80 per person.

– Go straight to the dock in town and book with the co-operative, which is a group of fully-trained local guides. English-speaking guides can be requested and life jackets are mandatory. Cost is $25.

– Book through a local dive shop, which often have better equipment and their boats have access to sites on the reef with fewer people. Cost is between $15 and $40.


Puerto Morelos beaches

 3. The Beaches

The beaches of Puerto Morelos are known for being wide, well-manicured and uncrowded. The mood is relaxed and stress disappears there. You can even get a therapeutic massage right on the sand. What more could you ask for on your next beach vacation?


Activities Puerto Morelos Restaurants on the beach

 4. Restaurants and Nightlife

No matter what your tastes and budget are like, there’s something for you in this lovely fishing village. From fine-dining restaurants like John Gray’s Kitchen, run by a former Ritz Carlton Chef, to Seafood on the beach at El Merkadito (pictured in the image above), you’re sure to find something that interests you. If you’re in town for the night, there are various little bars which are great for dancing, including Bara Bara and Cantina Habanero.


Puerto Morelos town square shops ice cream

 5. Town Square

At the center of Puerto Morelos you’ll find the town square. It’s a great place to go souvenir shopping or stop for an ice cream on a hot day. Shops carry hammocks, clothing, jewelry, art and more. You’ll also find a fresh produce market at the town square every Wednesday morning. Visit the Mayan Handicraft Center where you can see local artists working in their shops as they create something special just for you.

Have you ever been to Puerto Morelos? If so, what’s your favorite thing to do there?

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