The Aviary at Xcaret

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This fascinating aviary is another example of one of the wonders you’ll find at Xcaret Park located in the Riviera Maya just minutes from Playa del Carmen. With a huge investment, Xcaret created this 5,000 m2 project where you can find about 750 different species of birds.

The Tradition of the Day of the Dead

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The Mexican tradition known as Day of the Dead has gained popularity even outside of Mexico. The Mexican culture plays with the dead in a sense that they both laugh at it and laugh with it. This celebration as we know it today is not distinctly pre-Hispanic, but Mesoamerican and European.

5 Reasons to Love Playa del Carmen

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laya del Carmen, or just “Playa,” is a popular tourist destination in the Riviera Maya located 1 hour south of the Cancun International Airport. Ever since this once small fishing village opened its ferry service to the popular island of Cozumel, a world famous scuba diving destination, tourism to the area took off…