Adventure Activities in Cancun

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Cancun is a wonderful destination, not only for the beauty of the sea and sand, but also for the Hotel Zone boasting hotels for all tastes. It is also a place that holds adventure and adrenaline. We will recommend some that you will surely enjoy.

A day at Sunset Marina

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While staying at Sunset Royal you have the option of visiting the Marina of our sister hotel Sunset Marina. Now, you may be asking yourself but why would I go to Sunset Marina if Sunset Royal is so beautiful? At Sunset Marina you can participate in all of the activities in the Marina: Sunset Admiral Yacht Club.

Multiply Your Fun at Sunset Royal

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Staying at Sunset Royal and want to multiply your fun and your benefits? Imagine staying in one place and having the opportunity to visit and enjoy three hotels. Spend a day, half a day or just drop in to eat at any of these other hotels.