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In addition to its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, the Mexican Caribbean has much to offer. If you are an athlete, sports fan looking for a challenge, or you just like sporting events at an international level, this article will interest you. Here we will tell you what the major sporting events are in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Triathlon at Xel Ha

People jumping into the water at Xel ha Triathlon


It takes place every year in November and has become more relevant each year due to the growing number of applicants who sign up to participate. You must register in advance and all registered names will be entered into a drawing. This is a triathlon of different levels, sprint (Children Only rookies) and Olympic. What money is collected in this Triathlon is donated to the Wildlife and Culture of Mexico as well as various programs for environmental conservation.

Xplor Bravest Race

people Running through water

Del Sol Photography

This race takes place in the month of October and usually consists of 5 km full of natural obstacles, requiring skill, endurance, and strength with areas where people chase you. This race takes place in the Xplor Park in the underground areas and jungle. If you like to run and need to add an extra adrenaline rush, this event is for you.

Triathlon at Hacienda Tres Rios

starting the triathlon at hacienda tres rios


After four consecutive years, Hacienda Tres Rios will host their Triathlon again, making this activity even more important and gaining further recognition. It hosts different categories such as Sprint, children, or a beginners categories. It is normally performed in the month of May in the beautiful facilities of Hacienda Tres Rios; Complete with jogging paths, natural rivers, cenotes, and mangroves.

Cruce Libre

open water swimmers


If your sport is swimming then this is an event that is sure to please you. Cross from Cancun to Isla Mujeres or vice versa in open water. This event is of great importance and is nationally and globally recognised . With proper security measures in place, this event leaves you free to enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea surrounding you. It is normally performed in the month of May.

Whether you come to participate, accompany a participant, or you simply like to witness the adrenaline of such events in Cancun, these are the places you can live them to the fullest. If you still have not booked or are considering where to stay to check out these deals.

Written by Lizzy Santoyo, translated by Jessica Garcia.