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The whimsical waters of, and the always beautiful, Nichupte Lagoon flow through the canals and bridges that make Plaza La Isla, giving a touch of romanticism that, for a few seconds, makes us think of Venice; But the magnetism of the natural beauty of the Nichupte Lagoon brings us back to the here and now, Cancun.

More than just shopping

Photo courtesy of: fallandodeviagem.com

Plaza La Isla goes beyond high end stores, it’s a magical place that makes us want to stroll along the walkways, meet at a fountain or sit on a bench to watch the sunset.

Many attractions

Photo courtesy of: universoarquitectura.com

Plaza la Isla is a party day and night full of colors, restaurants, and tempting offers for tourists. This square is not only full of businesses but of families, and groups of friends finding other forms of entertainment; Like going to watch the big screen with X4D, visiting the aquarium with its dolphinarium or marvel at the recent Wax Museum in Cancun.

Romantic Places

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In addition, some restaurants take advantage of the romanticism of the night to serve dinner over candlelight, framing the Nichupte Lagoon and sometimes a silvery moon. You can find a variety of restaurants: Italian, Thai, American, Mexican, and more.

If you are vacationing in Cancun, you can not miss the opportunity to visit this amazing place and bring just a tidbit home, not to mention a shopping experience difficult to match.

Written by Magally Vite. Translated by Jessica Garcia.