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It is night, you wonder whether to leave the hotel or not, why not stay for dinner at Sunset Royal Resort and also enjoy the nightly show?

Sunset Royal Resort has a show every night that you can enjoy with your family.

Every night there is a show at the hotel’s outdoor auditorium. At 7:00 pm, you can chose a table and enjoy the delicious dinner buffet that is available for all shows. The buffet offers a large variety of fresh dishes such as salads, corn, apple salad, coleslaw, various stews like fish or chicken, there is meat freshly cut from a chef. Also available is homemade bread and a variety of desserts to choose from. It is recommended to get to dinner around 7-7:30pm since the nightly show starts at 8:30pm. Every night there is a different theme for the show. In this post, the popular and excellent Michael Jackson personator show will be discussed.

Get ready to hear the greatest hits from the King of Pop: Beat It, Smooth Criminal, You Rock My World, Black or White, Thriller. Not only will you enjoy the representation of Michael Jackson but also talented and wonderful choreography, special effects, and excellent dancers.

Enjoy a differnt and entertaining show every night of the week at Sunset Royal Resort.

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