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The sea turtle is an endangered species, of the eight species of turtles that exist in the world, seven nest on Mexican beaches, such as the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean.

Photo: Jim Wehrle


The beaches of Quintana Roo, are fortunate because they are the only ones that have four species of turtles: leatherback, loggerhead, hawksbill and white.

Hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya are organized to ensure protection of turtles, due to the influx of tourists, sometimes noise or lights of hotels can affect spawning and nesting, which is why many hotels monitor this process.

In 1994, a program to protect sea turtles was created. Sunset World joined this effort in 2009.Sunset Royal is one of the resorts that care for this species, this year recorded 26 nests with about 2,500 turtle eggs.

Arturo Sanchez, Director of Entertainment World Sunset chain, said that born turtles will be released from the months of September, the date of their birth depends very much on environmental factors.

Guests can be part of this beautiful experience, acting as volunteers especially when the turtles are released to protect birds and their return to the sea to be successful.

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