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How many of you heard someone say or saw someone post ¨Feliz Día de Reyes” or “Happy Kings Day¨ at least once last Monday? That’s because every year on January 6 in Mexico, and in other countries as well, people celebrate Día de Reyes or Kings Day. This day is particularly special in Mexico, a primarily Catholic country, as it honors the Three Wise Men who came bearing gifts for baby Jesus. Kids especially look forward to Kings Day because gifts are exchanged that day instead of on Christmas.


Mexican holiday Día de Reyes Kings Day Three Wise Men


On Kings Day it is customary to cut and share the Rosca de Reyes or Kings bread with family and friends. Each person cuts his or her own piece and enjoys this subtly sweet treat. What you may not know is that there is a little baby figurine, which represents baby Jesus, baked inside this beautiful bread. Whoever happens to cut the piece containing the baby figurine is selected to host another party on February 2. This follow-up celebration to Kings Day is called Día de la Candelaria or Candlemas in English, which is the day candles were brought to the church to be blessed.


Mexican tradition holiday Rosca de Reyes Kings bread baby Jesus doll


Candlemas is mainly a religious celebration and marks the end of the holiday season in Mexico. It also informally marks the day that Mexicans take down their nativity scenes and other Christmas decorations. Like all Mexican holidays, food takes center stage in the day’s festivities. It is customary that the selected host serve tamales for Candlemas. The tamales are made with corn meal dough, filled with a variety of different meats and chilies and wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks. There are also vegetarian tamales and sweet tamales, so everyone can find something that they like!


Tamales traditional Mexican food Día de la Candelaria


Have you ever celebrated Kings Day or Candlemas? Immerse yourself in Mexican culture and visit Cancun today!