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One of the best things about traveling to Mexico is the food. Every day other countries attempt to imitate Mexico’s most famous food item: the taco. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you and we’re willing to share the 5 easy steps it takes to make the perfect taco.


real mexican tacos pastor


1. Tortillas

First you will need a small corn tortilla (handmade if you can find one!). This will be the base for your tacos.


Mexican tortillas

Image: thebaldgourmet.com


2. Meat

Next you will need to choose your favorite kind of Mexican meat. We recommend pastor, barbacoa, carnitas, cochinita, or chicharron prensado. Each is made in their own special way and all of them are delicious. Place your meat of choice on the handmade tortilla.


Mexican tacos carnitas

Image: popularpaleo.com


3. Vegetables

Next you will need to add your vegetables. Typically, this includes cilantro and onions. Some people choose to also add pico de gallo and/or guacamole. We say: the more, the better.


Mexican cilantro onions taco trimmings

Image: jenessasdinners.blogspot.com


4. Salsas

Then you must choose a salsa to add. Choose one that fits your taste, red or green, just make sure it’s not too spicy! You might even want to add a tamarindo or maggie salsa too. Feel free to mix and match.


red salsa green salsa Mexico

Image: thenibble.com


5. Limes

The last step is the most important and that is to add the juice of a ripe lime. Most Mexicans will tell you a taco doesn’t taste the same without lime! Douse those tacos with the juice of a whole lime or more, and then it’s time to enjoy your masterpiece!


lime juice mexico tacos


There you have it. In 5 easy steps we’ve told you how to make the perfect taco. We don’t want to brag, but our chefs here at Sunset Royal Beach Resort know exactly how to recreate this delicious recipe. You can try this and many other Mexican dishes at our Cancun resort. What are you waiting for? Book your dream vacation today!