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It’s interesting to take a look at the story and follow the footsteps of this good-looking old man with rosy cheeks and happy smile: Santa Claus.
It was the fourth century when Nicholas Bari was born into a very wealthy family in Myra, present day Turkey.Nicholas was a good-hearted man who was orphaned at a very young age and dedicated his life to the priesthood and to do works of charity in which he spent his fortune.  Everyone who knew him loved him very much. It is said that during a storm on the high seas, one of the sailors prayed, in his name, to save himself and the waters quieted down. This incident made him a saint in Turkey, Greece, Russia and Lorraine (France).

Money in Socks

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Legend has it that St. Nicholas learned of a father who was unable to give his daughters away for marriage due to not having the dowry (money that the bride’s family offers to the future husband as an economic contribution to marriage). Taking advantage of the night, St. Nicholas went in through the window and left gold coins in the socks that hung from the chimney to dry. That incident gave rise to the famous socks, or stockings, hung in the fireplace to receive gifts.

Santa Claus arrives in the United States

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The legend of Nicholas Bari came from Europe to the United States and shaped the Santa Claus that we know today. In 1863 the American writer Clement Moore wrote his poem “A Christmas visit” to a charismatic old man who watches over the sky to divide gifts to children on the eve of Christmas aboard a sleigh pulled by 9 reindeer and who, once the children are asleep, come down the fireplace to put gifts in their shoes or in their socks. The image of Santa Claus was commercially popularized by Coca Cola who since 1931 has used it in their Christmas campaigns around the world.

Charming story, right? Now that you know the origins of the oldest bearded man beloved by children, enjoy Christmas and don’t forget to hang a stocking at home to receive your gift. Won’t be home on Christmas? Then you’ll need to stay at the best hotel in Cancun: Sunset Royal Beach Resort.