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Besides its beautiful beaches, ever so soft sand, and clear sea with various shades of blue; Cancun gives you the chance to travel back in time, to meet with mysticism, magic, and the mystery of the Mayan World. Let us suggest the Mayan sites that are a must visit on a trip to the Mexican Caribbean.

Ek Balaam

Ek Balaam

In the state of Yucatán, north of Valladolid, is this beautiful Mayan city. It is recommended to visit both of these cities on the same day. Ek Balam, meaning black jaguar, has 45 structures one of them being the Arco Maya,which you can not miss. Entering through 2 city walls you will see the ceremonial center, the area where the famous ball game was held and the oval palace. One of the cultural and artistic riches of this place is its mural paintings which are considered some of the best in the Mayan culture.


Muyil Ruins

Photo: rbrunton


If you find yourself in Sian Ka’an then we suggest you visit the World Heritage Site to view its beautiful biosphere. Muyil is the most important archaeological site in the area and is well known for its complexity of its architectural remains, one of them being El Castillo, almost 56 feet high. You will also find the temple located here as well. There are tours available that will take you to Sian Ka’an and include a tour of Muyil.


Cobá ruins

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A little closer to Cancun you can find this beautiful place. A half hour from Tulum, approximately, you can enjoy this site full of lush vegetation and sacbés, “white roads”, which you can walk on by foot, bicycle, or by car if you wish. Cobá is one of the more peculiar sites due to the fact that there has been no evidence of human sacrifice and that it was abandoned for no known reason, much like other Mayan cities. At Cobá you can climb a pyramid to the top and view the Mayan jungle at its best.

El Rey

El Rey Mayan ruins

Smaller, but equally as beautiful, this site is in the same area as the Hotel Zone. A place where the inhabitants were devoted to salt mining and maritime trade, it has forty-seven structures, and had civil and religious functions. In burial excavations someone seniors were found with various ornaments and objects. You can also view more incredible mural paintings here as well. If you get a chance you can take advantage and visit the Mayan Museum which is located in the Hotel Zone as well.

All of these places are open to the public, some of them, such as Coba or Muyil, have various walks or tours included. In other places you can go on your own, either by bus or car. Tickets are available, and if you’re a Mexican citizen then Sunday admission is free. You still haven’t made your reservation to travel to Cancun?! Take advantage of our great deals and book your stay with us!

Written by Lizzy Santoyo, translated by Jessica Garcia.