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Normally when traveling to Cancun we have several questions, even if it is not our first visit, sometimes it has to do with the weather, what clothes to wear, etc. Here we will give some answers to common questions.

How is the weather?

Photo: Edgar Marin


Really we would like to give some correct predictions as to when the rainy season is and when it isn’t. But the climate in the Mexican Caribbean is unpredictable and unstable. The hurricane season is from May to November and is a season where the probability of rain is higher, however, the magic of this place can produce torrential rain in the mornings and sunshine in the afternoon. In winter it is cooler than usual, around 60 to 79 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is prudent to check the weather a few days before arrival, considering that there may be a margin of error.

What clothes should I bring?



Many times, depending on the climate, you should choose clothes that you will wear; we know beforehand that swimsuit and shorts are chosen, however there are those who like to go for a walk at night or attending an event or dinner. In spring and summer it’s quite warm and light clothing is the best choice. Most shopping centers or restaurants are air conditioned, and we suggest bringing something light to cover yourself with. In autumn and winter it’s cooler and if you are a person who gets cold easily then you should bring a sweater. If you come from colder climates then it will be an enjoyable climate for you, neither hot nor cold.

What money or currency exchange should I use?

Photo: CancunForos


In Cancun several places accept US dollars, however it is best to exchange the currency to pesos. There are several exchange offices in the Cancun International Airport and in different places around Cancun, the Riviera Maya and Tulum. The exchange rate changes daily and we suggest you check for amounts at the currency exchange places. In hotels and in some establishments, rates are usually in dollars.

How will I transport myself?

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This question arises especially for arrivals into Cancun. You can book with the travel agency of your choice any transportation to and from airport and hotel. You can also find taxi service at the airport, as well as shuttle and car rental. If you plan to walk around different places as you please without relying on someone to get you, renting a car is the best option. At Sunset Royal we will provide transportation service on arrival (restrictions apply) ask your booking agent.

These are 4 very common questions that many people have when they plan to travel to Cancun, we hope we have been helpful. If you want to know more, feel free to comment. You haven’t booked yet? Take advantage of the offers we have and come to visit paradise.

Written by Lizzy Santoyo, translated by Jessica Garcia.