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Cancun Horseback Riding

Hacienda Andalucia Entrance

When you consider a Cancun vacation, horseback riding may not immediately come to mind, but this is a wonderful place to discover the traditional and cultural equestrian arts of Mexico in the tropical paradise of the Mexican Caribbean. At Hacienda Andalucia’s Equestrian Club Hipico in Cancun, you can participate in a variety of equestrian experiences and watch spectacular performances of equestrian activities.

Horseback Riding in Hacienda Andalucia Horseback Riding Tour
This is not your typical horseback riding tour. For one-and-a-half hours, you’ll ride on exquisite horses along paths in the Mayan rainforest. The tour also includes an educational tour of the stables and Mexican haciendas, a lesson about purebred horses, a field gallop (expert level) or trot (beginner level), and a visit to the tropical gardens and a small zoo.





Quintas las Marias Hacienda Andalucia

Horse & Carriage Rides
This is a classic way to ride with horses. For about two hours, you’ll ride in a traditional western wagon on paths in the Mayan rainforest, also included; an educational tour of the stables and Mexican haciendas, a lesson about purebred horses, a field gallop (expert level) or trot (beginner level), and a visit to tropical gardens, a small zoo, and a breeding farm of thoroughbred horses.



jumping lessons Cancun Hacienda Andalucia Equestrian Services
Hacienda Andalucia is the Cancun equestrian center of choice if you want a genuine, diverse equestrian experience. This equestrian center features a complete staff of professional horseback riding instructors qualified to provide training on all services offered at the center, such as:

- Horseback Riding and Mexican Female Riding (“Escaramuzas”)
- Polo Lessons and Stable Rentals
- Jumping and Dressage Lessons
- Rides Along Mayan Paths
- Horse & Carriage Rides and Horse & Pony Demonstrations


Spanish Horse Hacienda Andalucia

Thoroughbred horses
The thoroughbred horses at Hacienda Andalucia are among the finest breeds in the world. Some of the center’s horses were acquired from Spanish royalty whereas others have received international recognition and awards.

On the tours, you’ll see and learn about the following purebred horses:

- Spanish or Andalusian
- Warm Blood, Appendix, Wesfalian
- Hanoverian, Quarter Horse
- German Warm Blood, Criollo, Friesian


Tribal Mayan Show Hacienda Andalucia Cancun

Hacienda Nights
This is an impressive equestrian demonstration and cultural performance in the evening that lasts about three-and-a-half hours. You’ll enjoy a delicious Mexican buffet and open domestic bar while watching spectacular horseback riding activities by a rope artist, an acrobatic horseman, a dressage demonstration, a comedy act, a singer, mariachis, Mexican folkloric dancers from different states, and fireworks.




Whether you’re a novice or an expert rider wanting to improve your skills, the Equestrian Club Hipico at Hacienda Andalucia is where you’ll find an authentic, quality equestrian experience in Cancun, Mexico. For more information about tours, contact us at Hacienda Andalucia.

Original article written by Pamela Acosta, edited by:

Kristin Busse

Is an American expat who has been living in Cancun, Mexico since 2001. A mother, singer, salsa dancer and now writer and community manager, she has worked in many different industries but is currently enjoying exploring the Yucatan Peninsula and sharing her expertise and experience with readers around the world. Follow Kristin on Twitter


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  1. Natala says:

    I would like to add, besides of the party pcales and the archaeological sites, there is the natural wonders of the the state of Yucatan and Quintana roo are innumerable and some of the most important and unusual are the cenotes, or sinkhole. Who ever comes to the Peninsula should visit them.

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