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* The first edition of the Beach Soccer Worldwide Cancun Cup 2012 was broadcast in over 100 countries.

* The event took place at the Sunset Royal Beach Resort and attracted many tourists as well as sports and entertainment personalities.

The Beach Soccer Worldwide Cancun Cup 2012 was broadcast in over 100 countries and attracted tourists and sports and entertainment personalities. Mexico’s team won the first edition of the tournament, held on the beach of the Sunset Royal Beach Resort.

According to organizers, the success of this sporting event, which was sponsored by companies such as Sunset World Resorts & Vacation Experiences, Vacaciones Inolvidables and The State of Quintana Roo, helped Mexico to emerge as a leading location for beach soccer tournaments.

The international tournament, which included the participation of teams from Mexico, United States, Spain and El Salvador, featured national football stars such as Adrian Chavez and Ephraim “The Knife” Herrera, as well as personalities from the world of entertainment like Armando Gonzalez as “The Snowman”, Juan Carlos “El Borrego” Nava, Juan Carlos Casassola, Ferdinand Valencia, Rafael Balderrama, Juan Carlos Nieto “Chao”, Raul Osorio and Paul Stanley, among others, who played in a celebrity game during the tournament.

Daniel Homedes, Dara Sports President, thanked Sunset World for hosting this great event and expressed his confidence in the second edition of the tournament. “Cancun is the ideal setting for beach soccer. This is a prime tourist destination with beautiful beaches. I hope we play here for many years,” he said, after noting that the event was televised in more than 100 countries.

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Annie Arroyo, Brand Director of Sunset World, stressed the importance of holding events of this kind in Cancun and highlighting our beaches which are an integral part of tourism. She acknowledged that it was a great honor for the Sunset Royal Beach Resort to host this tournament.

Many fans attended the three day event and filled the bleachers, installed in front of the hotel Royal Sunset Beach Resort, which had seating capacity for more than 2,200 people. The backdrop was the turquoise beach of the Mexican Caribbean Sea and the modern Sunset Royal which sits in the heart of the Hotel Zone.

The final game of the Beach Soccer Worldwide Cancun Cup 2012 was a real party as Mexico faced the United States, and earned their victory in overtime, generating excitement among the many fans, both domestic and foreign, who gathered to cheer on their respective teams. The final score was 2 to 1.

Mexico’s coach, Ramon Ray considers Cancun an ideal setting to hold beach soccer competitions, “Cancun is a paradise, known around the globe, and is certainly the ideal place to host a tournament. Only good things can come from the union of Cancun and beach soccer,” he said.