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While staying at Sunset Royal you have the option of visiting the Marina of our sister hotel Sunset Marina. Now, you may be asking yourself but why would I go to Sunset Marina if Sunset Royal is so beautiful? At Sunset Marina you can participate in all of the activities in the Marina: Sunset Admiral Yacht Club. Here we’ll tell you just a few of them that you will surely enjoy on the clear waters of the Nichupte Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.


Experience something completely different, fly over the water all while being propelled by it. This activity includes ground training first, accident insurance, life jacket and helmet. You are sure to have fun with this new activity.


Photo: Sal Revista

Slide across warm waters at an exciting speed while a boat pulls you across turquoise waters on a board and feel the adrenaline rush through you.


Photo: sommercancun

Do you enjoy underwater life? This is your opportunity to enjoy it, With proper and professional staff and equipment included , you can enjoy the coral reefs.

Rent a Yacht

Looking for something completely different and even a little romantic? Then a day on a yacht is the option you are seeking. If you want a short, or long cruise even including snorkeling or fishing, don’t hesitate and enjoy a ride on a yacht.

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Written by Lizzy Santoyo. Translated by Jessica Garcia.