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Cancun is the perfect vacation destination not only because the hotel zone rests on one of the most beautiful stretches of white sand beach in the world, but also because, both in the hotel zone and beyond, there are plenty of activities to enjoy while you visit. For all of you adventure buffs out there, you won’t want to miss these 5 adrenaline provoking activities in Cancun!


1. Flyboard

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A completely unique experience, the Flyboard is a hydro flying device that turns water into flight. If you are looking for adventure and you love a good rush of adrenaline, this is the perfect Cancun activity for you! The minimum weight to participate in this activity is 90 pounds and the minimum age for kids is 12 years old. Activity includes: life vests, helmet, training on land and accident insurance. Bring: sunscreen, a bathing suit and a towel. The tour embarks from the marina at our sister resort, Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club. Book your Flyboard experience through the concierge at the hotel.


2. Xplor

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Photo: Student City


An exciting adventure park in the Riviera Maya, Xplor is located very close to Cancun. Escape the hotel zone for the day and enjoy nature at this magical world in the Mayan jungle. There are 14 ziplines, amphibious vehicles for driving through jungle paths and caves, underground rivers where you can swim among stalactites and stalagmites and rafts for paddling through unique underground cave circuits. If that’s not adventure enough for you, stimulate your senses and do all of these activities at night in Xplor Fuego, the park’s newest attraction! Bring: a bathing suit, change of clothes and a towel. Book your Xplor tour through the concierge at the hotel.


3. Selvática

Cancun, adventure, tours, activities, parks


Resting on 330 acres of lush Mayan jungle, Selvática is called the Adventure Kingdom. If the name’s not convincing enough, think a 12 zipline circuit, ATVs, offroading, and zipping into a freshwater cenote to top it all off. The hot new thing at Selvática is their Tarzania Human Coaster which claims to have evolved from the love of ziplines and rollercoasters. We like the sounds of that. What about you? The staff members at the park are very helpful and friendly and are happy to help you become “a citizen of the jungle!” Bring: sunscreen, a bathing suit and a towel. Book your excursion to Selvática through the concierge at the hotel.


4. Bungee Jumping

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Photo: IGLTA


A classic adventure activity, we take bungee jumping to the next level in the Mexican Caribbean. Feel the exhilaration of diving into the air over one of the most spectacular oceans in the world. Nothing beats the view as you soar through the air like a bird, just short of kissing the salty Caribbean water as you descend towards the sea. You’re sure to feel the adrenaline as you free fall from 82 feet above the turquoise water. Adventure Bay at Playa Tortugas, which is located at kilometer 6.5 in the hotel zone, is home to Cancun’s only bungee jump. Bring: sunscreen and your courage, which you’ll need to take the plunge! Ask the hotel concierge for more details when you arrive.


5. BOB

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Photo: Rebate Tours


Have you heard of the latest craze in snorkeling? The BOB Tour, or Breathing Observation Bubble, is a unique way to witness the underwater world of the Mexican Caribbean. Descend 30 feet into the crystal clear ocean aboard your very own motorized submersible scooter and explore life at the bottom of the sea in the most unique fashion. You’re trained guides will help you with on land training and accompany you as you make your descent, guiding you through every step of this adventure. The tour embarks from Playa Tortugas. Visibility is best when the ocean is calm. Check the Cancun weather forecast the week you arrive to select the best day to go. Bring: a bathing suit, sunscreen and a towel. Book your BOB Tour through the concierge at the hotel.

As you can see, adventure is just a plane ride away! Book your trip to Cancun and feel the adrenaline today!