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In our hotel we have many activities that you will certainly find attractive and will satisfy everyone’s wants. From those looking for some entertainment, learning, relaxation or something different and recreational. Below are 5 activities you’ll enjoy at Sunset Royal Beach.

1. Yoga and Pilates

group of people doing yoga
If you are a person who enjoys a concentrated effort involving not only the body, but also the mind in which your body relaxes after endurance and strength, these activities will be your favorite.

Time and Place:

Yoga- Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. at the spa
Pilates- Everyday at 10 a.m. at the spa

2.Dance Classes

Couple dancing

Image: true-love


Do you like the rhythms of the Caribbean and Latin American? If so, then this activity will attract and provide a fun time; plus it undoubtedly will be a good excuse to burn extra calories as well.

Time and place:

Pool at 11:00 am

3. Cooking and Cocktail Lessons

tropical drink with umbrella

Would you like to surprise your guests at home with an exotic cocktail or a dish they have never tried but that will surely please their palate?This is your chance to learn!
Hours and Location:

Cooking Class – Sundays and Tuesdays at 1:00 pm at the snack bar.
Cocktail Classes – Mondays and Fridays at 1:00 at the snack bar.

4. Ice Carving

Dolphin ice sculpture


This is an activity you are not going to easily find at any other hotel and you have a reason to show off at the next party you host at home.

Hours and Location:

Sunday and Wednesday at 14:00 at the snack bar

5. Shopping Tour

Luxury Avenue in cancun

Visit a number of shopping centers per day, depending on what you want to buy or see. From the typical souvenirs to very Mexican drinks such as tequila and even some perfumes, clothing etc.

Times and places:

All tours are at 3:00
Plaza Flamingo – Sunday, Thursday and Friday.
Tequila Museum – Mondays.
Kukulcan Plaza – Tuesdays.
Plaza La Fiesta – Wednesdays.

When you arrive at your favorite hotel, ask your concierge for these activities and they will gladly assist you. Don’t have your reservation yet?Take advantage of the special offers we have!

Written by Lizzy Santoyo, translated by Jessica Garcia.