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If you are going to travel to Cancun there are certain things that are important to take into account to make your trip a better experience. Here we’ll tell you 4 things you should know before traveling to Cancun.


Clouds In Cancun At the beach

Photo by: Arly Santoyo

You could say the weather in Cancun is “unpredictable”. Normally it’s hot; the majority of the months during the summer time it can reach up to 99 degrees, while in December and January the temperature can descend down to 70 degrees. Rain showers come as a surprise and leave the same way, at the least, you should check your forecast ahead of time for dispersed showers.

Know the Attractions in Cancun and Their Surrounding Areas

Brochure of Cancun's Hotel Zone

It’s easier to take advantage of your vacation if you know ahead of time the places you want to go. You can get information even before your vacation and avoid returning home and realizing that you could have enjoyed several more sites that you did not visit due to ignorance. Only read about the places that you want to visit, especially if they are archaeological sights, since they will undoubtedly enhance your visit.

Insects and Animals

Girl spraying insect or mosquito repellent


Being in a tropical climate, between the sea and the lagoon, you should know that it is helpful to have a mosquito repellent, preferably biodegradable. It is recommended to keep your window in your room closed to avoid evenings accompanied by mosquitos. It is also likely that you may encounter other animals such as iguanas, that are harmless, and badgers.


Bus in cancun


It is very easy to get around in Cancun. There are buses that run throughout the Hotel Zone, and go through key points in the city. One of them is the bus station, where you can take a bus to places like Playa del Carmen, Xcaret, Xel Ha, Tulum and many others. If you prefer something less public, you will find taxis in the Hotel Zone that are higher than a bus fare, but ensure you a private transfer.

Now you have more information that will surely be very useful for your next vacation. If you have not booked yet, take advantage of our deals and book now!

Written by Lizzy Santoyo, translated by Jessica Garcia.