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Twenty-five years ago, when the Sunset Royal Beach Resort opened its doors to the complicated world of hospitality, it never imagined the loyalty and high regard that it’s guest would have. The good news continues as Sunset Royal Beach Resort sets a record by becoming the first hotel in Cancun and the Riviera Maya to… Read more »

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The vast natural beauties of the Riviera Maya are the perfect setting to carry out the physical challenges of many athletes as its extensive beaches, abundant jungle, and first-class facilities allow grand events to be held in the region. Although there are already several marathons and triathlons that year after year are eagerly awaited by… Read more »

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2017 marks an important year for the Sunset World Group. It marks 25 years of hosting invaluable families who year after year bring so much joy to the Sunset chain with their preference; And it is in this state of joy and in this space we share the achievements and events of this company. The… Read more »

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Surely you have noticed from the Sunset Royal Beach Resort that in the distance you can see a small island, this is the enchanting Isla Mujeres. We guarantee that the best way to take advantage of one of your days in the Mexican Caribbean is to cross to this small village (only 4.6 miles long)… Read more »