Autumn/Winter Festivals in the Mexican Caribbean

At a time when most people escape the cold and seek warmth, the heat of the Caribbean is perfect for the seasons of Autumn and Winter . As well as the warm weather, there are various festivals and celebrations in Cancun and Riviera Maya you will not want to miss out on . As we [...]

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3 Plates to Celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day and Their Heritage

One of the most important holidays in Mexico is almost here, Independence day, September the 16th. The celebrations start from the evening of September 15, what we call “the cry of Dolores”(el grito de Dolores); A re-creation of what the priest Miguel Hidalgo shouted to the people to invite them to take up arms against the [...]

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Sunset Royal Sea Turtle

The sea turtle is an endangered species, of the eight species of turtles that exist in the world, seven nest on Mexican beaches, such as the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean.   The beaches of Quintana Roo, are fortunate because they are the only ones that have four species of turtles: leatherback, [...]

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Activities in the Mexican Caribbean

Cancun is full of excitement. In addition to parks known for their activities, there are some less known sites that are great to enjoy with family, friends or on your own. Here is a list of a few places to visit that will undoubtedly be a very pleasant memory of your vacation in the Mexican [...]

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Royal Sunset Yacht Ride

Staying at Sunset Royal Beach Resort is an excellent choice, not only for it’s long beach and the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, but it also has several activities for all tastes and ages. One option to consider is to enjoy the Admiral Yacht Club, where you can rent a boat and wander through the [...]

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Relaxing Activities at Royal Sunset

When you are looking to enjoy some well-being and serenity on your vacation, the sea is the ideal place for it. Sunset Royal Beach Resort has several options so you can strengthen your body and your mind to relieve yourself from any stress.   YOGA Being on the beach is already a gift of health and wellness for the body and [...]

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