A day at Sunset Marina

 While staying at Sunset Royal you have the option of visiting the Marina of our sister hotel Sunset Marina. Now, you may be asking yourself but why would I go to Sunset Marina if Sunset Royal is so beautiful? At Sunset Marina you can participate in all of the activities in the Marina: Sunset Admiral [...]

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A Romantic Vacation at Sunset Royal

There are many reasons to choose to go on a vacation, however, one very important reason is to spend quality time as a couple.  Cancun, with its’ turquoise crystal clear sea , soft white sand, and warm weather make it the perfect place to reignite romance, celebrate something important or just enjoy the company of [...]

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What Weather to Expect During Your Cancun Vacation

Weather in any place can not totally be predicted and meteorology is not an exact science. However, you can get an idea of what to expect. The most common concern amongst travelers when planning a trip to Cancun is what the weather will be like. Let us give you some useful information that should help [...]

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The Tradition of the Day of the Dead

The Mexican tradition known as Day of the Dead has gained popularity even outside of Mexico.  The Mexican culture plays with the dead in a sense that they both laugh at it and laugh with it.  This celebration as we know it today is not distinctly pre-Hispanic, but Mesoamerican and European.  In ancient times it [...]

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Autumn/Winter Festivals in the Mexican Caribbean

At a time when most people escape the cold and seek warmth, the heat of the Caribbean is perfect for the seasons of Autumn and Winter . As well as the warm weather, there are various festivals and celebrations in Cancun and Riviera Maya you will not want to miss out on . As we [...]

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3 Plates to Celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day and Their Heritage

One of the most important holidays in Mexico is almost here, Independence day, September the 16th. The celebrations start from the evening of September 15, what we call “the cry of Dolores”(el grito de Dolores); A re-creation of what the priest Miguel Hidalgo shouted to the people to invite them to take up arms against the [...]

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