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There is no doubt that it is difficult to choose whether to make your hotel reservation in Cancun or the Riviera Maya as both destinations are world famous and of unparalleled beauty. Although at first glance you could make your choice depending on how much each would cot you,  how about we take a look at all that Cancun has to offer compared to the Riviera Maya.

The Beaches

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Cancun has a coast where you will find incredible beaches bathed by a splendid sun. You will find some where the waves are calm and others where they are quite strong, as in the famous Mirador, for example. Now, what makes Cancun beaches special is that it is the only place in all of Mexico that has 7 beaches with Blue Flag certification, making Cancun the capital of the Blue Flag. What does this mean? That these 7 beaches have clean facilities, including bathrooms and showers, as well as adequate swimming water and the site is sustainable and friendly with the environment.

The Gastronomy

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Throughout the Hotel Zone in Cancun you will find an immense variety of restaurants for all types of palates and budgets but in their great majority most of these establishments ask you to dress for the occasion, different from the Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen where the atmosphere tends to be more casual and relaxed. Although both destinations have restaurants where the service, facilities and food are of the highest quality, many in Cancun have a proven track record over the years and the hotel zone is renowned for having expensive restaurants and being very stylish.

The Night Life

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If you are in the tranquil Riviera Maya and want to enjoy a big party, it’s well worth the trip to the heart of the Hotel Zone in Cancun. Although the Party Center is not very big, it has nightclubs that do not ask anything of anyone and where even the most stubborn non-party goers will have a great time. Palazzo, The City, Coco Bongo, Daddy’O and Mandala are just a few. Who’s in?

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