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Welcome to Mexico, the land of “hello friend” and friendly people. Although your stay in Cancun may be brief, it would be a shame to go back home without having seen the most traditional things in this country, so here we’ll give you the tips to the best.

Listen to Mariachis

Photo courtesy of: El Lugar del Mariachi

Photo courtesy of: El Lugar del Mariachi

There is nothing more beautiful than to hear the most passionate, and heartbreaking, sounds of trumpets and guitar melodies. In addition, the elegant attire of mariachi with silver buttons and embroidered fine threads make your heart jump with excitement. Cancun is full of elegant Mexican restaurants whose main attraction during dinner is the mariachi show.

Eat Mexican dishes


Photo courtesy of: newsurban360.com

Mexican food is so varied and its seasonings are so rich that it has earned a place in the Intangible Heritage of UNESCO, so don’t try to become an expert in just a few days. Our recommendation would be to try the famous tacos, which are as varied as they are rich. Tostadas, guacamole, and Aztec soup are other dishes that you will always find on the menu. Don’t forget to add some salsa, because in Mexico, if it  doesn’t have salsa, it doesn’t taste right.

Buy Tequila


Photo courtesy of: posta.com.mx

Did you know that tequila can only be produced in Mexico? The reason is that the plant from which tequila is extracted grows only in certain states of the country. We are talking about the Blue Weber Agave tequilana. The harvesting and distillation process can take years, but the wait is well worth it as there is nothing that compares to that “little burn” leaving the tequila while passing through your throat. There are several types of tequila, depending on the type of rest or maturation in the barrels. But whatever you choose we say “Salud!”

Visit the old Mercado 28

Photo courtesy of: platinumpremiertransfer

Photo courtesy of: platinumpremiertransfer

Originally, Mercado 28 was one of the first to provide the Cancun population with fruits and vegetables. Over time they began to introduce souvenirs, and today 30 years after its inception, you can find a great variety of hats, silver, traditional Mexican shirts, crafts and yes, hundreds of souvenirs. Tourists love this place because you will certainly find the perfect little gift to take home. Here haggling is the golden rule. Ah! But don’t confuse it with Plaza 28, because it is not the same.

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