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When you are looking to enjoy some well-being and serenity on your vacation, the sea is the ideal place for it. Sunset Royal Beach Resort has several options so you can strengthen your body and your mind to relieve yourself from any stress.



Being on the beach is already a gift of health and wellness for the body and mind, at sea level the heart works better, you breathe clean air and also have a greater peace of mind. We have activities that will help keep you active during your stay, so you can keep up your exercise routine. Or you can try to start a new habit by trying out some new exercises during your holiday. Here are some activities at Sunset Royal that you can enjoy.

Location : Spa

Hours : Tuesday and Thursday 9am.


A discipline that offers more than to just strengthen your body, with yoga, you will find balance and inner peace, which is why more and more people interested in practicing this. You only need comfortable clothes and shoes. No need to be an advanced or expert level, go at your own pace and can give it your best shot.

It is a physical and mental training that brings knowledge of flexibilty and yoga, it is developed to help muscle strength. It is highly recommended to improve posture as well as back problems, which of course should be recommended in this case by a specialist.

Location: Spa

Hours: Sunday to Friday 10 a.m.



If you are looking for relaxation and to forget about all of the stresses of daily life, nothing beats a spa escape. Here you can enjoy body treatments, various types of massages. You can take advantage of our services at Ya’ax Ché Spa. The spa offers a variety of options for you to choose from. Holidays are a great time to indulge, so let our experts do it for you!


These are a few ideas that will surely provide you a unique experience. Still have not booked your holiday? See our DEALS and plan your summer getaway!