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The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea are the perfect setting to frame the greatness of the Mesoamerican reef cataloged as the second largest coral reef on the planet. There are four countries that cross this reef that is over 1,000 km long: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. I like to think of the Mesoamerican reef as a great lung that gives life to hundreds of marine species such as turtles, corals, fish, mollusks and much more.

Particularities of the Coral Reef

Photo courtesy of Island Dreams

It’s incredible to know that coral reefs take billions of years to form because they are sediments composed of minerals and skeletons of the animals that inhabit the sea. It is little by little that with its porosity small and large organisms begin to lodge in the reef which in the long run will become a huge home for hundreds of animals. It is estimated that the largest population of Manatees on the planet are in the Mesoamerican reef. It is also important because it harbors the largest congregation of Whale Sharks worldwide, shelters more than 7 species of turtles, and the largest number of chelonians gathered in a single point.

Experience it Responsibly

Photo courtesy of Marta Pascuali

When you travel to Cancun or the Riviera Maya you will find several snorkeling tours to contemplate this natural beauty. Just as it is beautiful,  it’s fragile.  Did you know that just by touching a reef you can damage it? Please allow yourself, your children and future generations to enjoy this natural wonder. Remember to only use biodegradable sunscreens, refrain from touching or kicking the reefs and bring a plastic bag to take all trash that you produce with you.

Diving in Cozumel

Photo courtesy of Wishbird

For starters, the divers who have visited Cozumel say that it’s best place in the world to practice this sport. Its marine caves, multicolored fish and coral formations captivate the heart of anyone who decides to enter its waters. Discover the famous wall made up of natural paths of coral formations that will steal your breath. Best of all, there are several dive professionals who will help you plan your experience according to your skills, from beginners to experienced divers. Who’s ready?

The original Underwater Art Museum

Photo courtesy of Mexico Divers

If you visit Isla Mujeres or Cancun you can’t miss snorkeling or diving in the Underwater Art Museum.  Not only will you find approximately 500 statues that will leave you speechless but this fabulous project has a positive impact on the environment as well.  Eventually the porous material sculptures will become home to marine species allowing crustaceans and other animals to inhabit them and form part of the coral reef.

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